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This UPS is one of the modular UPSs and has been noticed and focused by Iranian consumers so much because of its various advantages. Porsoo electronic Ind. co. while producing and designing its products always has a special look to the international market in order to procure high technology and high quality products for the market.
ادامه مطلب

The most important point to be noticed in these kind of products is precise review and control of our technical team. Before deciding to offer you such products, we are always checking everything on behalf of the market to make sure the quality and capacity of the products features for a special offer! Years of experience in this market and producing UPS made Porsoo Electronic as a technical reference of this area’s products’ quality approval. Also Cumulus power UPS, has passed several technical consideration by Porsoo technical team and has achieved positive approach.

Centiel is a brilliant Swiss brand

What has attracted the team at the beginning to this product was the brand! This brand was so famous Swiss brand and was completely successful to be well- known through Europe and east Asia. While considering Cumulus power UPS we understood this Swiss brand has done the best in this special product.

Modular Structure and high application flexibility

One of the most important features of Cumulus power UPS its high application flexibility and in another word this product is always user’s choice. This product has reduced maintenance and repairing charges and time using single point of failure and distributed active redundant Architecture (DARA) technology. To be able to repair such an essential equipment in a short span of time and with minimum charges is an exclusive competitive advantage which should not be ignored. Beside the good features of this products, a full knowledge of our experienced team also caused clients and users to use this product in their essential systems and circuits without any hesitation.

Some other features of Cumulus power UPS

  • Has been offered in various powers 10, 25, 50 and 60 KVA
  • Using hot-swap feature (N+X) which enable you to use this UPS as a complementary part in bigger frames.
  • Possibility of frames to be used in parallel upto 60 modules.

آدرس دفتر مرکزی شرکت صنایع پُرسو الکترونیک

تهران، خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی، بالاتر از مطهری، کوچه آزادگان، پلاک2، ساختمان پُرسو
کارخانه: کیلومتر 50 بزرگراه تهران-قزوین، بعد از شهرک صنعتی بهارستان، سمت راست، جاده اختصاصی به سمت شمال
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