Is telecom charger purchasing and installing is a must? Yes sure. In current decades due to electricity presence in all corners of industries, homes, offices, banks and even rural area it has been changed to an essential need and Must!
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One of the life parts which continuous presence of electricity is essential in is, communication. Talking about communication may make you thinking of phone calls or internet but what we call communication and telecom today has a big difference with what Edison and Graham bell was thinking about. If you just take a look around you will find out which part of your life will have critical need of communication and telecom: without radio communication and telecom no bank will be able to offer you any services, your cellphone will be only a game pad and there will be no TV! Loss any of the above items will cause problem for the most powerful commercial or welfare structures. Now you may be able to tell us what communication and telecom cutoff for some minutes cause? We are here to give a response to this necessity; telecom charger.

Porsoo Electronic Ind. is here to introduce you telecom charger.

Different telecom chargers and their response to electricity cutoff

Telecom charger or feeding rack is one of the tools that without them AC cutoff will be a nightmare for your communication and telecom systems. One of the organizations that needs telecom chargers emergently is mobile and phone operators which will face big reputation chargers at AC cutoff among their competitors and clients. This caused Porsoo Electronic ind. To plan for production and development of telecom chargers in different type and applications and to procure them in the market as a leading manufacturer.

Porsoo electronic chargers complying from all the standards and technical protocols is ready to cover the client’s requirements in wide ranges of powers. Different types of telecom racks including low capacity chargers, 48V chargers, 2KVchargers, 3KV chargers is in Porsoo Electronic Ind. List of products to be chosen by the potential customers as per their special necessity. Beside the product type and model Porsoo Electronic Ind. Is undertaking the quality, durability and power of all these products.

Porsoo Electronic’s telecom chargers specifications

Porsoo Electronic ind.’s Chargers utilizing the updated global knowledge in design and production process will offer the users positive specifications and advantages. We will review some of these significant advantages:

  • Following different types of standard protocols in remote control and monitoring of systems
  • Supporting wide range of powers from 2KW to 48KW.
  • Possible to be installed in different spaces and sites like low capacity telecom centers and frequent feeding supplies.
  • Possible to support DC power beside AC type.

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