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Design, support and maintenance of the circuits and electrical and electronic systems are always including small details and complexity and if you don’t go through them you will lost. Meanwhile, beside accuracy and knowledge, using high grade and suitable equipment and products are one of the other reasons to have a successful configuration.
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One of those products which we made it available in Porsoo Electronic for Iranian Customers are telecom rectifier’s sub- racks. We will have a short specification review of sub-racks offered by Porsoo Electronic Ind.

Subrack- the main of your requirements in electrical and telecom systems configuration

Subrack- the main of your requirements in electrical and telecom systems configuration

Comes in two voltages and as per your requirements

Telecom rectifiers’ and telecom chargers’ sub-rack offered by Porsoo Electronic Ind. in in two 48 and 110 V and with this feature of adding extra modules are completely possible to be customized. Adding 2KW and 3 KW Switch mode modules in 48V sub-rack and 110V sub-rack is possible. This feature made this sub-rack as a suitable tool in different network and system configurations. And both models are possible to be installed and operated both outdoor and indoor.

Maximum technical monitoring and control with these sub-racks

Using central control and supervisory unit with accurate display and efficient supervisory unit made this sub-rack as a useful product in supervisory systems. Using a main control unit (MCU) Is caused that We will face common and smooth load sharing in the system. This means the voltage range in AC and DC mode is increased considerably.

Some other features of offered sub-racks

  • 48V modules in two power range of 2000W and 3000W is possible to be installed and also other ranges if required by the customer
  • 110V modules applicable.
  • Using temperature sensors will make the system monitoring possible in the best way.
  • BLVD and LLVD protocols interface and sending alarms within these protocols is possible which is an important feature in system monitoring.

آدرس دفتر مرکزی شرکت صنایع پُرسو الکترونیک

تهران، خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی، بالاتر از مطهری، کوچه آزادگان، پلاک2، ساختمان پُرسو
کارخانه: کیلومتر 50 بزرگراه تهران-قزوین، بعد از شهرک صنعتی بهارستان، سمت راست، جاده اختصاصی به سمت شمال
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