Sicon inverter is exactly what you may require in different electrical and electronic projects. Definitely we will try in next steps to review the modular inverter in details and its specifications, but what is important is to know and to introduce this product to our customers.
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Porsoo Electronic Ind.’s experts will not approve any product with no investigation on its quality and are more concern about the offered products quality more than the customers. Porsoo Electronic Ind.’s technical team with such a sensitivity has started to test SICON inverter in all aspects, and with technical and practial test has recognized the high quality of the product. This was a start to put the SICON inverter in our list of products and to offer it to the clients certainly.

SICON inverter a product of an innovative and leading brand

SICON has not a long history, but this is not a disadvantage, as the brand reached to what it should in its life time. As it is now one of the acceptable brands in European market and owning different types of global standards, is ready to compete old brands. SIcon Inverter is one of the successful products of this brand and is attracting customers attention in Iran.

SICON inverter specification

  • For an inverter making a clear output without disturbance and distortion is an important feature. SICON inverter has a completely sinusoidal output and is making a clear and no swing current of AC power in different condition.
  • Modular SICON Inverter is supporting different DC inputs as per consumer requirement, meanwhile all its outputs are under control and no short circuit or inverse battery connection is possible practically.
  • These products came in power ranges of 1000W to 18000W, and so will cover a wide range of consumers.
  • Using RS232 and RS485 ports will make these products applicable in industrial cases.
  • SICON inverter is an official inverter, medical inverter, telecom inverter and industrial inverter and is ready to support all the mentioned roles in practice.

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