Always in different industries and essential points, the requirement of inverting DC power to AC or vice versa is felt. PEC inverter is a response of Porsoo Electronic Ind. to this growing necessity.
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One of the industrial inverter duties is receiving electrical power in a condition and inverting it as per user requirements. This may seems easy but if you have an engineering knowledge and point of view you may know that design and production of such product is so challenging.

In Porsoo Electronic Ind. we used our team of experts and using an equipped production line to solve these challenges and produce PEC inverter in accordance with Iranian customers’ requirements.

PEC inverter appearance

PEC inverter appearance

Why PEC inverter is a high grade product?

In order to respond to such products we always try to avoid advertising approach and review the product from the criticizing point of view.
It should be noted that the industrial inverter duty is providing electrical power as per our requirement.
It means that in order to consider PEC inverter successful, we should consider how much the output of inverter is close to our system requirement. According to what is called test and performance validation from technical and standard point of view, the QC team are emphasizing on precise and completely sinusoidal output. This is the main reason of making this product suitable to be used in sensitive telecom systems. The sensitivity of these circuits are so high that any distortion in inverter output, may cause considerable costs for the system, but our customers experience is approving the suitable performance of PEC inverter in such system.

PEC inverter and high protection identifications

Have high protection identifications is one of the notes that will increase the quality and upgrading the capabilities of an industrial inverter.
PEC inverter with a full protection against short circuit, inverse and wrong battery connection has proved it protection abilities so much. Beside this part of system, using protection alarms also has made the system more complete in protection factor.

Other features of PEC inverter

  • PC interface with RS232 protocol for industrial, telecom, official and.. application
  • Using static switch status, fault and voltage swing alarm
  • Single phase input and output
  • Available in powers of 1500, 2000, 2500 and 3500W

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