One of the successful and popular products of Porsoo Electronics which have received general notices from local and foreign clients is switch mode rectifiers which have impressed experts and technical people with its high- tech features and specifications.
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Porsoo Electronics Ind. Utilizing an active R&D department and an equipped production line is always trying to realize the innovations and smart ideas to reality and it also applies to the modules correctly. We are here for a more detailed review if you have any confusion or if you need more information.

From telecommunication modules to charger modules

Porsoo Electronic modules has been produced in different models and have different applications, this product is available in below models:

  • PEC 4840
  • PEC 4860
  • PEC 48120
  • PEC 11020

Refer to what is clear from the model numbers three of them has been made in 48V capacity and one of them is in 110V phase which can support you as per your requirements. In 48 V modules the power is respectively 2000W, 3000W and 6000W and you have full range of options to choose your required telecommunication module.

What is the bold and brilliant feature of telecommunication module and charger module of Porsoo Electronic?

As explained these modules are ready to act as both telecommunication module and charger module, what made them distinctive is following options:

  • These modules of Porsoo Electronic Ind. have the highest reliablity and beside high efficiency, its circuit, telecom and electrical system protection is so significant.
  • Using the best quality components and raw material made the final product, Porsoo electonic Modules as per international uptodated standards and the failure rate to minimum.
  • High efficiency and flexible application and adaptability is well noted by the experienced people.
  • HOT-Swap support
  • These modules are applicable in different sites and circuits including telecom circuits, fiber optic feeding station, data centers, BTS and BST stations.

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