Porsoo Electronic Ind. Co. following its attempt to design and produce intelligent produce intelligent products, is now here to introduce you 48V telecom chargers and was able to pass all the procedures of test, survey and supervising and now becomes one of the most successful market products in this area and as per market demand
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In most of high capacity telecom centers, BTS, BSC and data centers are applicable. This high capacity 48v plant, by using 48V, 6KW Switch mode rectifier modules is now able to cover more and more advantages in its design that you will see in next parts.

Is not possible to have a trustful circuit without high quality components.

Is not possible to have a trustful circuit without high quality components.

Why Porsoo electronic?

Porsoo Electronic is one of the successful brands in electrical manufacturing area which has shown its abilities in covering market demand of Iran. One of the porsoo electronic products advantage is its best compatibility to the market demand. With our long and constant mutual interaction with our customers and demanding request of the market we evaluate and survey the conditions and offer the most suitable and demanding products. Beside the localized products with high technologies you received, producing them inside the country will lead to a most suitable and economic products customized as per you request.

Porsoo Electronic Telecom Chargers features

  • Battery rack
  • Using rectifier racks (master- Slave)
  • Despite connecting this telecom charger (plant) to market common and usefull protocols, it is so easy to interface and to have an acceptable control on this high capacity charger. Its monitoring is not a case anymore and is just a common option.
  • A wide range of covered powers by Porsoo Electronic Telecom Chargers is a good feature for you to choose the most suitable option as per your requirements.
  • Modules ranges from 1200A to minimum 5000A

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