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We are here with a new and successful brand of SICON, SICON UPS, CMS series is one of the products series which Porsoo electronic team is so interested in for different reasons.
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As you may know Porsoo Electronic Ind. Beside assigning a big part of its finance and human resources to R&D and developing new and leading products in electricity transmission, is always doing its best to use its experience and knowledge to identify the global market successful products and to provide it as a gift in local market. This is one of the missions this brand is considering and this time we are here to introduce you another top brands called SICON UPS. In order to know more come with us.

SICON UPS; different type of high power and modular UPS

SICON UPS; different type of high power and modular UPS

SICON UPS came out of short but innovative experience of SICON in global market.

SICON brand is one of those brands that you will see more of it in future. However it a new brand but using good architecture innovative technologies and suitable marketing in all over the world is making a growing success for it worldwide. This product which is ready to be offered to local market under the name of SICON UPS is one of the most leading and innovative products among the brand.

What kind of specifications a SICON UPS have? A complete industrial UPS

  • With modular structure this UPS has made the circuit development and survey easier
  • This products has offered three type of modules, 10, 25 and 50 KVA which make the customers choices flexible.
  • SICON UPS is supporting modules to be parallel upto amazing number of 3200KVA.
  • Using a 16-bit central controller and a touch display board will make a detailed performance for the user.
  • DC input optional
  • Efficiency of 95% besides amazing input power factor of 0.99.
  • User friendly menu of operation for different technical levels of users
  • Remote approach and programming
  • RS232 and RS485 ports available with SNMP protocol connection
  • Flexible working temperature 5-40 centigrade degree
  • Input and output current stabilization and output harmonic correction and active electrical protection
  • Applicable in data centers, healthcare centers, commercial centers and different administrative centers.

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