Powerwave 33 UPS

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UPS purchase in one of those issues which should be accompanied by high professional knowledge, as necessity type and many of professional and technical issues of Electrical engineering have direct and important effects on high quality product selection. In this review note we will have a short and brief look to one of the high quality UPS(es) available in the market. Powerwave 33 UPS.
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Product appearance Powerwave33

Product appearance Powerwave33

Powerwave33 UPS and continuous support of electrical system

If you are the owner or the supervisor of an essential electrical system in which AC power cutoff is so costly or dangerous, we suggest you to review carefully the special features and status of the powerwave33 UPS. The first option of this UPS comparing to other competitors is using online double conversion technology.

What is online double conversion?

Double conversion is one of the processes which is used is some of the products like powerwave33 UPS. Double conversion is a procedure in which the input AC power will be converted to DC and then again to AC which is applicable in the system. But what is the benefit of doing this online? Obviously if this conversion is done online and without a stop in time of AC power cutoff the UPS will run in the system and normally no interruption will be felt. While in the models without this technology there is always an interrupt between cutoff time and UPS run.

Some more reasons of Powerwave33 UPS advantages

  • These products are offered in different models and specifications and is preferred because you have choices to select and buy single units ranges from 60 upto 500 KW!
  • These products all applicable in parallel mode in connection to other same level UPS products. High level of current stabilization and accuracy in adjustment of output power led to easy synchronization with other available products in the system. Upto 10 units are ok to be set up in parallel mode and upto 5MW power is applicable in parallel setting.
  • DC level optional adjustment made it to one of the best UPS choices in this price level
  • Application of other updated technologies including PFC systems and pulse width modulation system
  • More than 96% efficiency

Of course the above features are reflecting a part of this high quality products specification which was revealed to you as per what we experienced in UPS service part. In order to approach to other key specifications and more details in technical issues you can refer to the related catalogue or you can contact our team without any hesitation.

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