Concept Power DPA UPS

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Conceptpower DPA UPS is an online UPS which has been designed for system medium level application. This product is here again to show us how much modular UPS is applicable for us and will provide us the advantage of choosing each power of 30, 40 or 50 KVA.
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This feature in design of Conceptpower DPA UPS will help you to use and be charged for the power exactly you need for your system and avoid using unsuitable UPS for your specific application neither more nor less.

Advantages of using this modular UPS

Each module of Conceptpower DPA UPS is completely independent and is possible to come in and go out of system in time and this is why each module can go to bypass and displaced without needing to be worry about disconnecting the facility from the system and cutting off the AC power.

The more interesting point is beside its facility of application you can extend the output upto 1.5 MVA in Conceptpower DPA UPS. This advantage which is called scalability is a special and essential advantage.

High scalability of Conceptpower DPA UPS helped increasing and decreasing the modules are so easy and you have not to be worry for any future changes.

Special Architecture of Modular UPS

A UPS failure could be an unpleasant and costly issue for a system, and in some cases even a disaster! This is why we should review and observe the performance and architecture of these devices and to look for the best condition and utilizing.

In Conceptpower DPA UPS, we are facing such an advance and high performance architecture. This intelligent and special feature is leading either less failure or in case of any failure the repairing needs less charges and easier.

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All the above mentioned issues is just a part of the features of this special product in accordance with international standards which attracts Porsoo electronic team and its clients

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