PEC-NG series of UPS is another group of Porsoo Electronic Ind. Products which was highly successful due to local market requirements, a most important part of this success is use to high quality manufacturing features and using the best details in equipped production line of Porsoo electronic Ind.
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in the following in order to make a realistic view of the product, we will review the specification and advantages of the product. Accompany us for more details about PEC UPS.

PEC-NG series of UPS in different single phase and three phase mode as per your requirements.

PEC-NG series of UPS in different single phase and three phase mode as per your requirements.

Porsoo electronic products, as per local market requirements

The main advantage of Porsoo electronic Ind. products including PEC-NG series of UPS is that design and production procedure of them is being done base on continuous necessity survey and market feedbacks of local and foreign customers. We are trying in R&D department of Porsoo Electronic to be focused on feedbacks received from market and customers to solve the problems and reveal the capacities and new features as per market’s request. This is the main success reason for Porsoo electronic products which is offering innovation and practical application both together to the market.

PEC-NG series of UPS and specifications

Focusing on PEC-NG series of UPS specifications you will see the service range of 1 to 100 KVA in first sight this means that you can choose your own product based on your own circuit requirements. Also the products fall within this range supports both single phase and three phase inputs in output. Beside all these high efficiency of this product which led to golden output power factor of 0.9 is a significant feature in PEC-NG series of UPS.

Other features of PEC-NG series of UPS

  • Wide range of input voltage from 110 to 300 V
  • High input power factor upto 99%
  • Utilizing PFC protection and stabilization system in order to revise and improvement of input current
  • Utilizing microprocessor smart control unit beside PWM technology.
  • LCD display for showing performance details
  • Optional SNMP
  • Ability of both rackmount and standalone installation
  • Supporting a wide range of telecommunication ports in order to programm and survey of performance details (USB port, external battery port, programmable output port)
  • Applicable as home UPS, hospital UPS, administrative UPS

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