exhibition of rail transportation

The 3rd international exhibition of rail transportation, related industries and equipments was held in Tehran international exhibition center on 17-20 of May 2015, in presence of Ministry of roads and urban development, I.R.I. Railways, Tehran Urban & suburban railway operation Co., other big cities Urban and suburban railways and other active groups in railway transportation industries.

Porsoo Electronic participated with the its common Quote of “PORSOO is here, No Power-Flicker!” in hall No. 12 will show its continuous presence in this field of activities and by promoting its new and up-to-date products such as different types of UPS, AC panels, different kinds of telecom chargers and inverters is at the customers and visitors service.

آدرس دفتر مرکزی شرکت صنایع پُرسو الکترونیک

تهران، خیابان قائم مقام فراهانی، بالاتر از مطهری، کوچه آزادگان، پلاک2، ساختمان پُرسو
کارخانه: کیلومتر 50 بزرگراه تهران-قزوین، بعد از شهرک صنعتی بهارستان، سمت راست، جاده اختصاصی به سمت شمال
+۹۸ ۲۱ ۸۳۸۳۶ و +۹۸ ۲۱ ۸۳۸۳۷۰۰۰ (خدمات پس از فروش)
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