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Nowadays due to development and growing demands of computer networks and internet formation, units called data centers is formed and due to sensitivity of these centers a stable and uninterruptible and secure power supply is more ne [More...]

Technology development and using computer systems, will require a stable and uninterruptible power supply nowadays, the most suitable porsoo products in this regard will be offered as following:

Refer to the communication development in all over the world telecommunication is a leader in this regard and being online and available is the most important point to provide the best suitable communication. So considering to the h [More...]
Due to importance of banking procedures, using computer systems was rapidly expanded. Also moving toward virtual world will lead to the requirement of an uninterruptible power supply for this infrastructure. Among all porsoo product [More...]
For medical systems which are so sensitive we need a really certain and stable power supply. for medical systems like MRI and CT scan due to their special condition, like requirement of transformer. Statron model is offered. it shou [More...]
in some of the industries refer to different type of loads (inductive, motor or high inductance) and also the utilization environment which is in high pollution and temperature conditions, industrial UPS with high IP and/ or input o [More...]

For home computer systems, banks and offices the PEC series will be offered. It should be noted that these series of UPS are suitable offers for home automation systems. and for Closed Circuit cameras NIKY and SMK UPS will be our offer as a good choice.