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Porsoo electronic company with a plan of designing and manufacturing variety of electrical and electronic units started its activity in 1990. At the beginning the company manufactured products such as UPS and AVR , phase controller , wireless power supply and….

In 1998, to enhance quantitative and qualitative aspect of products ,the company attempted to produce a new version of ONLINE and LINE INTERACTIVE UPS and INVERTER by transferring technology from Powercom Co in Taiwan and the use of American standards.

In 2001, depending to the expert and powerful technical team Porsoo has been allocated to be the exclusive agent of Newave company in Switzerland (The leading manufacturer of stand alone UPS in power range of 7.5 KVA-500 KVA and different type of modular UPS power ranges of 10KVA-3MVA comprised of 10KVA-100KVA modules in Iran).

In 2005, Porsoo received the exclusive agency of Meta system Co. of Italy, the manufacturer of modular UPS 10-120 KVA comprised of 3.4-6.7 KVA modules and also the exclusive agency of Ritar Co. as one of the most important manufacturers of different industrial batteries types 12V/7A.h-200a.h and also 2V/100A.h-3000A.h.

Now, Porsoo Electronic Ind. Co., as one of the members of the UPS manufacturers association (UPS) and due to world’s growing technology and growing demand of world to the new technology based on 175 persons human resources and 40,320,000,000 IRR registered capital is aimed to reach to the highest level of quality and services for the customers and there is no limitation considered in between.