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Most of concepts and theories have been written on customer base plan and as our management strategy is based on successful business activities and on customer support and satisfying their requirements, so this company’s policy is based on the motto of “The customer is always right”. So the company is persisting on expanding the after sales service and support unit’s infrastructures to provide continuous and well oriented services for the customers. In 2009, as per performing BPR (Business Process Reengineering) and making serious changes in organization chart, hierarchy system has been replaced by process management systems.

So, four core process of the company has been formed as below diagram:

4 فرایند اصلی شرکت

The after sales service is aimed to reach to customer satisfaction and their optimized application of the products, and in order to provide an on-time and qualified service, is presenting support and services for supplying of up to 50,000 products and spare parts and training via technical experts in Tehran and all over Iran’s provinces.

In order to reach this 70 experts are working as repairing team in an area of 600 sqm repairing workshop in porsoo head office and factory and as a systematic and well oriented network to support their customer as soon as their required. Widespread customer network and users like bank networks, organizations and …. and necessity of prompt response made porsoo to utilize its more than 2 decades of practical experience and an area of 600sqm repairing workshop in Tehran Head office, and Porsoo Factory and by utilizing a systematic and active network of agents, has offered a creditable and on time, services to its customers.


  1. Customer satisfaction by optimum and most suitable products application using standard methods and on-time and high quality services.
  2. Ensuring of operative condition of products and optimum utilization

Introduction to different departments of after sales services head office

call center

Call center is continuously and in all working days ready to provide services to the customers and for critical sites specially data centers is ready 24 hrs (on call).

In this department, the customers will contact company directly (phone, letter,..), the call and customer’s contact will be recorded and considered by this company personnel. if the customer is asking for services, the request will be followed by the customer till reaching to a acceptable result and if the contact is related to a complaint or request for information, the follow up will be done till reaching to customer satisfaction.

Technical dept.

The technical Dept. is consisting of two main parts of research and training and also the head repairing workshop and mobile service center.

The main duty of the research and training department is upgrading the authorized agents technically. This department will provide technical training documents and workshops to the authorized agents to upgrade them technically by service news about products, spare parts and inspection and a providing suitable response to the technical problems of the agents in order to achieve better after sales services. In this section, new research on the optimum methods for products problem solving will be done and it will be shared by the authorized agents.

And also considering the products problems will make an update feedback to the manufacturer to increase the quality level of the products.

Head repairing workshop

The head repairing workshop and mobile service center will provide technical service directly, if for any reason the problem was not possible to be solved in the authorized agent’s workshop the product will be transferred to the head workshop or a technical expert will be sent for repairing and achieving customer satisfaction.

Warehouse dept

This department will supply all the required spare parts for service purpose with high quality and will procure them for the after sales services network (head repairing workshop- and authorized agents).

The authorized agents will inquire their requirements to the company and the requested parts will be packed and delivered to the demanding agents as soon as possible.

Agents Dept.

The connection of authorized agents will be done by this section. The agents will contact this dept. by phone, visiting, or fax and will discuss about their problems and issues and this dept. should cover and reflect these problems.

The other responsibility of this dept. is investigating the requirement of a new agency, reviewing the agency requests, qualification and inspections of them and providing the required training and upgrading facilities for the agents and supporting the agents by on time procurements and supports.