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Home 5 Products Rectifier Rectifier Module Charger Module Charger PEC-4840 PEC-4840
  • 2000 W
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Hot plug
  • Parallelizable
  • Modular
  • Low weight and volume
  • High efficiency
PEC-4840 Technical Specification
Model PEC-4840
Voltage 90V to 290V (single phase 90 to 185V with derating)
Frequency 44~66 Hz
Current 12A @ 220 Vac
Power Factor >0.99 at full load, Sinusoidal waveform, THD <5%
Efficiency >91% Typical at full load
Surge Protection Tested to ANSI C62.41-1991, Combination wave 6kV/3kA test Ring wave 6kV/500A test
EMI compliance CISPR22 Class B
Inrush Current <12A
Soft Start Time Min. O/P current ramp-up time 3 seconds
Isolation 1500 Vac input to chassis, 1 minute
Voltage Float: Adjustable 48 to 59V , Equalize: Adjustable 50 to 61V
Current Limit 5~40A
Power Limit 2000W
Static Regulation Line: ± 0.1%, Load: ± 1.0%
Dynamic Regulation ± 3% for 10% to 90% to 10% step load change , ± 1% for ± 25% step change in AC input voltage
Output Noise < 2mV rms Psophometric weighting, < 10mV rms (10 kHz-100MHz), < 100mV p-p (10KHZ-100MHz)
Acoustic Noise <55db
Load Sharing Better than ± 5% active current sharing at full load
Protection HRC output fuse, Over voltage, Over current, Over temperature
Isolation 500 Vac output to chassis, 1 minute
Current Normally displayed on alphanumeric LCD display by MCSU. Accuracy ± 0.5% at full load.
Voltage Normally displayed on alphanumeric LCD display by MCSU. Accuracy ± 0.5% at full load.
Mode of operation Normally displayed on alphanumeric LCD display by MCSU.
LED Green (AC power on), Red(rectifier fault), Amber(Alarm)
LCD All alarm states are transmitted to the MiniCSU and displayed on the alphanumeric LCD display
Remote Alarms Important alarms available in free contacts relays connected to MiniCSU
Remote Controls
Mode of operation Equalize, Float or Initial Mode is initiated by a signal from the MiniCSU
External Voltage Control Optically coupled PWM signal used to control rectifier Float and Equalize voltage over a limited range to optimally adjust battery voltage for temperature and voltage drop in DC bus, limit the maximum battery recharging current and achieve active current sharing
Rectifier Inhibit Rectifier can be inhibited by a signal from a remote computer, transmitted via the MiniCSU
Cooling Fan
Temperature operating range -40°C to70°C
Humidity 0% to 90% non-condensing
Dimensions Height 144 mm , Width41 mm , Depth 287 mm
Mass <1.9Kg