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نرم افزار IUNMS

The Intelligent UPS Network Management System is as a strong tool for UPS, accessories like different sensors and electrical systems like generators, air ventilation systems’, distribution units’, lightings’, different alarm’s status and management monitoring locally and also in remote mode, in other words this system with its intelligent capabilities is practically as the main supplier of BMS (Building Management System) and finally EMS (Energy Management System).

So, surly we can say it is a unique intelligent system available In Iran and all other countries over the world and there is no similar system available.

Some of the system capabilities:

  • Display of all the accessible parameters of UPS like input and output Voltage, frequency, the consuming load of system, battery voltages and…
  • Facility of support, maintenance and service part and automatic referring and report of faulty conditions to the serviceman and smart follow up.
  • Facility of sending SMS or Email to different people via GSM Modem.
  • Supporting RS232, SNMP, USB, IUIP, IUIS simultaneously for all types of UPS.
  • Facility of defining different scenarios for errors and UPS or sensors’ states.
  • Categorizing and archiving the related data.
  • Facility of supporting different brands of UPS.