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Porsoo Electronic Ind. Co, has been founded in 1991 with Registered capital of 40,320,000,000. IRR, with more than two decades of experiences in Electrical and Electronic Ind. The related factory of the company is located in I 10,000 Sqm. area and with 500 Sqm substructure in 50 Km of Tehran- Qazvin Highway. Utilizing a administrative and commercial and research complex (head office) in substructure of 1500 Sqm located in No.2, Azadegan St., Qaem maqam Ave., Tehran, which is also considered as a showroom of the products.

As almost all the experts and administrators of this company are highly qualified and experienced practically and scientifically in the related fields, so we tried to use the latest and highest technology in designing and manufacturing of electronic systems, as we can surly assert that our products will compete its foreign counterparts well.

In this regard, this company with technology transferring from Companies like POWERCOM, Allis Electric in Taiwan and expanding it and using international technology and standards and achieving ISO 9001 certificate has started for the first time, designing and manufacturing of different types of UPS, INVERTER, and high-Tech Microprocessor rectifiers, and now more than 75,000 units of these products are utilizing in different organizations and companies.

It should be noted that the products of this company is being used in big company data centers like Refah, Mellat, Maskan, Melli, Sepah, Saderat, Tejarat, Keshavarzi, Export development banks, Tamin machinery services in all over Iran, remote telecommunication Ind., Shiraz electronic Ind., Sahand Lift truck manufacturing company, Isiran, and also police and disciplinary forces and important governmental organizations like Awqaf Org., Hajjo Ziarat Org., cereal Org., Iran Electricity development,.. and famous companies like Parskhodro, Irankhodro, IranVanet, National Industry, Atropatshimi, Saipa, Saran, Jam daroo, Iran logarithm, metal waste Ind., Iran insurance, medical products distribution, Niroo mohareke, HEPCO, IRISL, oil and gas companies, petrochemical com., and some universities and private and gov. hospitals, and all the clients are awarded committed guarantee and 10 years of warranty and after sales services.

At the moment, this company beside powerful Engineering and commercial team is serving 175 persons in R&D, Production, Quality control, sales, after sale services and support, maintenance and repairing and with more than 2 decades of experiences and using expert technical team, and agents in all over country to reached to customer’s full right and satisfaction.

Additionally it should be noted that this company due to 2 decades of professional activities in manufacturing and sale of different UPS systems, Inverter, charger and battery is the permanent member of UPS and Oil industry facilities manufacturer societies and other professional research centers and industries and mines development and membership in telecom syndicate and … is the main parts of this companies widespread activities.

A brief description of different products provided by this company will come as followings:

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Manufacturer of different kind of UPS online and Line interactive in power of 500 VA to 20 KVA which has been produced by technology transferred from POWER com, Taiwan.


  • Inverter with power of 1 to 3 KVA with which has been produced by technology transferred from POWER com, Taiwan.
  • manufacturer of different metal racks for using in equipments like UPS, Rectifier, Inverter, Battery cabinet and... according to the customers’ requirements.
  • stand alone and wall mounted AC and DC panels, related to UPS systems and rectifiers due to customer’s special requirements.


  • Manufacturer of Switch mode rectifiers using high tech of RTP Company in Australia and technology transferring from Allis Electric Co.

Meanwhile, Porsoo Electronic Ind. Company is the exclusive agent of Newave/ABB of Switzerland in Iran. Newave co. is one of the most important manufacturers of UPS in Europe and a considerable quantity of its UPS products are being installed and utilized in data centers, Informatics networks, telecommunication Co., hospitals, banks and important factories in all over the world and Iran.

UPS(es) made by this company, is online type power ranging from 7.5 KVA to 500 KVA with unique capabilities including 97% efficiency, minimum volume and weight and can be parallelized unlimitedly.

Additionally Newave is Sole and Leading Producer of 3 phase modular UPS units in the world with capability of unlimited parallel operation (n+1) with modules of 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 KVA and stationary UPS units (non-modular) with 5~300 KVA powers of unlimited parallel operation (n+1) no limitation in paralleling.

This company is also the exclusive sale and after sale agent of Metasystem/Legrand Italy who is, online 1-phase and 3-phase modular UPS from 1250 VA up to 120 KVA with increasing and reducing abilities in this range in Iran.

We are also working as the exclusive agent of Ritar battery Co. of China in Iran with Unique brand of PEC (Porsoo Electronic Company) for sealed lead acid batteries (VRLA) in range of 2 and 12 V from 7.2 A.h capacity to 3000 A.h.